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Jgive is a not for profit project whose primary goals are to encourage charitable donations and to develop a culture of giving in Israel. If you're looking for a cause to donate to, Jgive is here to help you find the right organization for your donation. We're all about making sure that your money goes to a cause that speaks to you. With our database of Israeli charities and non-profits, we're confident that you'll find a charity worthy of your support.

“All of Israel is responsible for one another". 16 billion shekels. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics and Registrar for NGOs, that's how much non profit organizations and charities in Israel receive in donations every year. 40% of this comes from Israeli citizens, the rest from foreign donations. 62% of Israelis reported donating money in 2013. The remaining budget for the voluntary sector is about 100 million shekels a year, most of which comes from government ministries, local councils, philanthropic foundations, and large donations.
At Jgive, we see ourselves as the link between non profits and donors. Fundraising today is stuck in the 20th century, with most money being raised through phone calls and professionally produced fundraisers. While some charities have started raising money online, they're forced to invest enormous sums in order to reach potential donors. This money would be better spent directly on the causes themselves. An unfortunate effect of old fundraising techniques is that many people only give when directly approached or while attending a fundraiser.  
We want to change this. Donating shouldn't be passive. It should be done with actively, with passion, everyone to the best of their ability. It's better for the organizations, it's better for those who need assistance, and it's better for Jewish society.

Jgive - A Revolutionary Approach to Donating

Jgive is a revolutionary digital platform for donating and fundraising. All money raised through Jgive is transferred directly to the charity, with the exception of a small credit card fee. Many charities that try and raise money online are forced to invest in expensive technologies. Jgive uses an advanced digital platform which allows for secure donations in a simple and effective manner. Jgive places a premium on transparency and security, so you know that your donation is going directly to the organization of your choice.
  1. The donation process is made as simple as possible for donors and organizations. The user friendly interface allows donors to quickly fill out tax-return forms, manage their donation portfolio, and find new causes to support.
  2. Jgive makes it easy to donate to specific projects. These projects allow donors to know exactly what their donation is purchasing. For example, you can donate 50 shekels towards the purchase of a back to school kit for an underprivileged child. Other specific projects include donations for Israeli security forces, assistance to the elderly, programs for at-risk children, and more.
  3. Of course, it's also possible to donate directly to a specific charity. We've compiled a large index of Israeli non profit organizations and charities, allowing you to donate securely to the cause that speaks to you.
  4. Finally, Jgive's unique digital platform allows every donor to invite others to their cause using a “donation portfolio", which allows donors to share their donations and favorite causes on social media platforms. Through this feature, your donation can inspire others around the world.

Jgive was founded in 2014 by the “Asor Fund” (NGO number 580586998) with the goal of encouraging philanthropy in Israel and in Jewish communities worldwide. Jgive's founding and development has been funded by philanthropists who understand the importance of creating a digital platform to strengthen and encourage a “culture of giving” in the 21st century.


We believe that everyone has the potential to substantially improve Israeli society.

At Jgive, we're trying to create a new cultural reality of charitable giving and mutual responsibility. We believe that we can advance important values and close the gaps in society by encouraging people to donate to causes that are close to their hearts. The connection between the Diaspora and Israel is also a major focus of Jgive. All of our efforts are part of the long term goal of creating a new social reality in Jewish communities worldwide.

In order to make this vision a reality, we're working towards resolving some of the major issues faced by 21st century fundraisers and donors. Here are three ways we're trying to do that:

  1. Simplicity- Using our digital platform to make donating simpler and more transparent, we want to make charity a larger part of people's personal and social lives.
  2. Efficiency- Charity needs to be more efficient. By eliminating costly 'brokerage fees' that most other donation sites use, we make sure your entire donation goes to the cause you've chosen to support.
  3. Verifiability- Through Jgive's crowd reviewed database of charities and NGOs, we'll make sure that only trustworthy organizations can raise money on our site.
Join today and help us build a better world!

Our Staff



Ori Ben-Shlomo

Founder and CEO

Email ori@jgive.com

Ori is a co-founder of the Asor Fund for Encouraging Jewish Philanthropy. His main focus is on on strengthening the relationship between the Diaspora and Israeli communities. Trained as a lawyer, Ori formerly served as legal adviser for Maariv-Makor Rishon Group. In addition to his experience in the private sector, Ori served as a state prosecutor in the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office. Ori has an MA in Crisis Management and Resolution from Hebrew University and an LLB from Ono Academic College.


Yael Cohen Mordecai

NGO Relations Manager

Email yael@jgive.com

Yael has years of experience working with NGOs as part of her career in the high-tech sector. She was the Manager of Community relations for Intel in Jerusalem, where she managed the volunteer activities of 1300 employees in over 40 different organizations. Additionally, Yael was the Global Volunteer Manager for Nice Systems, responsible for 1600 employees and leading programs with program managers in Europe, Asia, and the United States. She also served as the spokeswoman for “Family Friday”, an organization for empowering the family unit, and as media manager for senior citizen's affairs in the Prime Minister's Office. Yael has a BA in Sociology and an MA in Communications from Hebrew University.


Dr. Gali Sembira

Adviser for NGO Affairs

Email gali@jgive.com

Dr. Gali Sembira is an expert in the field of NGO management. Formerly the director of the “Shaharit” Organization, she currently serves as the head of their “120” program. Dr. Sembira formerly served as a professional director at Sheatufim, deputy director of the Oran Foundation, head of the program for girls at risk at the Yaniv program, head of the IDF’s educational development program, and director of a girls boarding school. Gali attended Bar Ilan University and where she earned a master’s degree in organizational psychology and a doctorate in gender studies.


Shlomo Peled

Organizational Consultant

Email shlomo@jgive.com

Currently Jgive's organizational consultant, Shlomo served as an army psychologist for the IDF's Paratroopers Brigade, Officer's Training School, and Sayeret Matkal unit. Formerly the deputy commander of a classified army unit, Shlomo served in numerous staff and field roles in the army as well as serving in the Prime Minister's Office. After leaving the public sector, he worked as an organizational adviser for numerous companies including: Bank Leumi, Union Bank, Paz Group, and Cargal Group. Other organizations he has advised include the Finance Ministry, the Ministry of Justice, the Israeli Police, and the Bat Yam city council. A co-founder of two successful start ups, Shlomo also sits on the board of the Tavor Social Leadership Academy. Shlomo has a MA in Organizational Psychology from Bar Ilan University.


Rafael Maimon

Social Media Marketing Adviser

Email raphael@jgive.com

Rafael is the CEO of Undertap which specializes in marketing mobile applications. Formerly the managing director at Panda Systems and CTO at Tmarkets, Rafael now advises start ups in various capacities.


Dan Ilouz

International Relations  Manager

Email dan@jgive.com

Dan is the CEO of Di Consulting, a firm which specializes in project management in the field of government relations. He has experience advising both the private and public sector. His clients include Piramot Law Firm, HLM Law Firm, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's campaign staff, the Foreign Ministry, the Knesset, Tavor Technologies, and more. A certified lawyer, Dan served as a legal adviser for the Foreign Ministry. He founded Israel Online, a project to promote hasbara on social networks and publishes a column in the Jerusalem Post. Dan earned a law degree at McGill University in Canada and a Master's Degree in Public Diplomacy from Hebrew University.


Jgive lets you feel confident that your donation made it to the “right hands”. We only work with charities that are properly managed and recognized as legitimate by the Israeli Tax Authority.

In addition to screening every charity, we use three additional measurements to ensure that only legitimate charities are listed on the site:

  1. Wisdom of the Crowd: Through Jgive's “Donation Portfolio” donors can elect to share the causes they've donated to on social media and recommend organizations to friends. Sharing on social media also allows for users to gauge an organization's reputation and serves as an indicator of trustworthiness.
  2. Analysis of the charity's financial reports to the Israeli Tax Authority.
  3. Analysis using other measurements used by the Israeli market to measure NGO effectiveness.


Jgive allows you to donate to causes close to your heart with confidence that 100% of the money donated will reach the organization.


Fundraising today is expensive. In order to reach donors, charities and NGOs need a lot of help from different sources to meet their budgets. They're forced to spend money on outreach, flights abroad, payment to credit card companies, etc. These costs can add up to 20% or more of an charity's budget, significantly affecting their net income.


Jgive's online platform lets organizations raise money directly, which can dramatically lower a charity's operating cost. NGOs and charities can now have access to technological and organizational resources at no cost, allowing them to reach their target audience with greater efficiency. Organizations can also spend less money on advertising, using Jgive to increase their exposure through social media and crowd reviews. The “Donation Portfolio”, a social media tool created by Jgive, allows donors to share their contributions on social media (without publicizing the size of the donation). Donating and sharing on social media allows organizations to reach new potential donors and allows donors to recommend worthwhile causes to their friends.


All money donated through Jgive is transferred to the charities that you chose. Additionally, the credit card fee is considerably lower than what other sites have to pay.


Jgive is managed by the Asor Fund, a non-profit organization and therefore does not charge either the organizations or the donors for any service provided. The operating costs of Jgive are provided by philanthropists who understand the importance of creating a digital platform to strengthen and encourage a giving culture in the 21st century.

In a blog post on The Times of Israel , Jgive CEO Ori Ben Shlomo explains why Israelis don't give as much charity as other Middle Eastern countries and how Jgive can help.
New- Tax Deductible Receipts for the US and Canada! 
Donors from the United States and Canada can now receive a tax deduction for their donation to any charity listed on Jgive!
If you represent an Israeli charity and would like to learn more, please fill out the form below
If you can't see the form, please click here
Why Jgive?
The major advantage of using Jgive is that for the first time there’s a free fundraising and crowdfunding platform that simplifies the online donation experience.
While many charities already have an online presence, they are often forced to invest large sums of money reaching potential donors and processing the online donations. As a result of these overhead expenses, much of the money being donated is directed away from the people it was meant to help.
We believe that this needs to change- donating should be made simple and effective, in order to encourage more people to make charitable giving a part of their lives. Donations through Jgive are transferred directly and securely to the charities of the donor’s choosing.
Tax Deductible Donations in Israel, the US, and Canada!
Donors simply choose the charities they wish to donate to, and receive the relevant tax deductible receipts straight to their email!
This service is entirely free for charities! (Except for the low credit card processing fee)
How does it work?
The nonprofit “Asor Fund” which created and funds Jgive, has established an organization in the United States “FAF” (Friends of Asor) which is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. FAF was created to allow donors from the United States to donate to Israeli charities through Jgive.
Jgive also has partnered with a Canadian tax deductible nonprofit “Ne’eman Foundation Canada” to allow tax deductible donations from Canadian donors.
Donations from the US or Canada are transferred to one of these organizations for tax purposes, and our system automatically provides them with the tax deductible receipts. The organization then transfers the donation to the charity’s account.
For donor’s the process works just like any other donation- fill out a few details, choose where they’d like the receipt from and that’s it!
 How much does it cost?
Jgive is a not for profit enterprise and as such does not charge a subscription fee, registration fee, or charge per donation. All of Jgive’s services are offered for free excepting the credit card processing fee and a small amount to cover the costs of the automatic digital receipts, credit charge fee, and transfer to your Israeli account.
Donation from the US – 3.5% payment processing fee + 30 cents*.
Donations from Canada- 4.5% processing fee + 30 cents*.
There is NO VAT added to these amounts
* In accordance with the instructions of the Israeli Tax Authority, only charities that have received tax exempt status in Israel (Section 46) can register with Jgive. | Donations made via “American Express” have an additional fee of 1.5% | Full details can be found on Jgive’s terms of service.