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Welfare, Poverty and People in Need

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Shmuel and Chen Salomon lost their closest family in a terrorist massacre in Neve Tzuf on a...

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עמותת מקימי מסייעת לאם חד הורית לצאת מהחובות. האם,המגדלת את שלוש בנותיה לאחר גירושין, נקלעה...

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The end of this story is up to you.

Mommy, Daddy, help us! Where are you? Those are the...

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Tzviya's husband has chosen to sit in jail for the past 18 years rather than grant her a get....

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Mekimi provides financial advice and assistance for families in difficult economic circumstances....

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We are a group of young residents in the city who have taken it upon ourselves to invigorate...

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