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Desert Stars – New Leadership for the Negev!

Desert Stars is inviting you to join our mission...

₪25,356 has been donated by 37 donors

נתיבות הינה עיר מפתח בדרום מדינת ישראל. בשכונה הוותיקה בנתיבות תושבים מגוונים ואיכותיים - אך רבים...

Donated ₪24,787 of ₪30,000

In Israel today there are 950,000 elderly citizens, including 50,000 Holocaust survivors who live...

₪24,199 has been donated by 47 donors

Environmental preservation chronically falls by the wayside in Israel, precipitating grave and...

₪20,069 has been donated by 30 donors

Mekimi provides financial advice and assistance for families in difficult economic circumstances.

₪15,588 has been donated by 48 donors

CFE has been fighting for environmental and social justice in the Haifa Bay area for over 15...

₪8,250 has been donated by 38 donors