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Update: You are amazing!
With the help of over 3,000 donors we reached the goal of stage 1 –...

Has been donated ₪878,183 of ₪800,000

Adam Gomon, only 2 years old, has been diagnosed with a dangerous blood disease and requires an...

Has been donated ₪277,729 of ₪865,000

3 years have passed.

3 years without Gilad, Naftali and Ayal.

But we're continuing their...

Has been donated ₪273,722 of ₪1,000,000

Halacha Education Center brings you "Ratzim La'Mishna": a game-changer in children's Mishna...

₪204,724 Has been donated by 501 donors

ביום ראשון יד' אב ה 6/8 לפנות ערב נשרף כליל ביתם של משפחות אלול. מדורה ללא השגחה התפשטה וכילתה את...

Has been donated ₪192,318 of ₪500,000

Our special little boy, Elyashiv, was born with TECPR2, a very rare genetic syndrome. Only 11...

Has been donated ₪161,489 of ₪600,000