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Use this page to make a general donation to support the 2017 Wheels of Love ride. Your donation...

$212,570 Has been donated by 232 donors

This fall, we'll be riding for 5 days in Israel to raise money for children treated at...

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The next revolution is in your hands!
We are all enlisting to strengthen the Torah and social...

Has been donated $311,383 of $276,901

In order to cope with the challenges that are before us, it is of the utmost necessity to have...

$98,279 Has been donated by 741 donors

3 years have passed.

3 years without Gilad, Naftali and Ayal.

But we're continuing their...

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Kanfei Ruach is a volunteer organization aimed at helping special needs children and young adults...

Has been donated $72,006 of $200,739