Our Success Stories

We are proud to present selected projects that were successfully completed, next to leading projects that are still open for donations. We invite you to join these successful projects and help shape Israeli society!


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A week before Assaf Yasour’s bar mitvah he was electrocuted, causing him to lose both of his...

Has been donated $298,995 of $260,810

Update: You are amazing!
With the help of over 3,000 donors we reached the goal of stage 1 –...

Has been donated $254,013 of $223,732

We regret to inform you that this platform cannot provide USA tax receipts
Donors who need a USA...

$237,805 Has been donated by 2291 donors

The life of a sick child is full of challenges, pressures and crises.

“Simcha Layeled”...

Has been donated $195,841 of $171,448

Our special little boy, Elyashiv, was born with TECPR2, a very rare genetic syndrome. Only 11...

Has been donated $178,808 of $167,527

On Tuesday, January 23rd, the Lipnick family were returning to their house in Shavei Shomron....

Has been donated $156,275 of $132,108