Our Success Stories

We are proud to present selected projects that were successfully completed, next to leading projects that are still open for donations. We invite you to join these successful projects and help shape Israeli society!


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In order to cope with the challenges that are before us, it is of the utmost necessity to have...

$965,056 Has been donated by 851 donors

**Thanks to the successful campaign and having reached our initial goal, we would like to provide...

Has been donated $309,615 of $27,632

A week before Assaf Yasour’s bar mitvah he was electrocuted, causing him to lose both of his...

Has been donated $290,349 of $260,810

As with everyone, they have coped with their daily lives, lives which have gone through the cycle...

Has been donated $277,937 of $227,784

The organization has been operating in the heart of Gush Dan for a decade for the benefit of the...

Has been donated $538,821 of $170,488

Update: You are amazing!
With the help of over 3,000 donors we reached the goal of stage 1 –...

Has been donated $246,822 of $223,732